Allegra X-30

As centrífugas de bancada da série Allegra® X-30 proporcionam excelente desempenho e fácil operação em um design compacto que economiza tempo valioso e espaço do laboratório.

  • A mais alta velocidade e força-g em sua classe
    • 1,6L de capacidade máxima
    • 18.000 RPM
    • 29.756 x g
  • Simples de instalar e configurar 
  • Flexível com extensa biblioteca de rotor para múltiplas aplicações
  • Design compacto - apenas 46 cm de largura (18 pol.) 
  • Rotores basculantes e de ângulo fixo BioCertified* (Bio Certificados)


Compact and Powerful

  • Only 18" wide (46cm)
  • Save valuable lab space and priceless running time
  • Highest RPMs and g force in its class

Accommodating Your Application Needs

  • Cell culture processing
  • Blood sample preparation
  • Microplate applications

Available Rotor Versatility

  • 13 different rotors
  • Multiple pre-bundled application packages
  • Three different ways to spin 1.5mL and PCR tubes
  • Spin 500 µL to 1.6L with the SX4400 Swinging Bucket Rotor

Easy to Use

  • Streamlined user interface 
  • Digital display makes it quick to set and easy to run

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Product Specifications

Acceleration 10 acceleration profiles
Deceleration 10 deceleration profiles
Speed Control ± 50 rpm of set speed
Timed Run Up to 9 hrs, 59 mins; Continuous run (8)
Max Capacity Volume Range - 1600 mL
Speed Display Actual rotor speed in 100 rpm increments or in RCF (when selected)
Temperature Range(s) Ambient temperature range: +4° to +35°C
Friction Reduction System Asynchronous 3-phase Direct Drive
Item Specifications Referenced B06314

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