Lysing, Fixative, and Permeabilizating Reagents

Choose the optimal sample preparation method for your flow cytometry assay from our comprehensive offering of red blood cell-lysing solutions, permeabilization buffers and reagents for sample fixation. Each product is designed to prepare the sample in an optimal way for flow cytometry analysis. 

Beside proven reference methods for extracellular and intracellular staining we have developed innovative reagent solutions for special applications such as platelet preservation for later phenotyping, simultaneous surface & intracellular staining as well as cellular signaling assays. Specimen types like venous blood, bone marrow, and mononuclear cells can be optimally prepared and subsequently fixated using products from our broad sample preparation portfolio. 

Beckman Coulter sample preparation gives you the confidence to start your analysis with a high-quality sample. 

  • Streamlining workflows while ensuring results quality
  • Comprehensive portfolio of lysing solutions adapted to your application.
  • Innovative intracellular staining solutions

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