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O sistema AMPure XP da Agencourt é um sistema de purificação de PCR altamente eficiente e facilmente automatizado que fornece DNA de qualidade superior sem salinidade. Sem necessitar de centrifugação ou de filtragem, o Agencourt AMPure XP pode ser facilmente utilizado em formatos manuais e automáticos de 96 ou 384 poços.

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AMPure XP Workflow

AMPure XP Workflow

Product Specifications

Application Uses Purification & Clean-up, PCR Purification, DNA Purification, Sequencing, NGS Clean-up, PCR clean-up
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material DNA
Automated Available Yes
Item Specifications Referenced A63882


Peffers, M. J., Liu, X., & Clegg, P. D. (2014, March 8). Transcriptomic profiling of cartilage ageing. Genomics Data, 2, 27-28. doi:10.1016/j.gdata.2014.03.0011

  • Used to clean up cDNA

Greenwald, W. W., Li, H., Benaglio, P., Jakubosky, D., Matsui, H., Schmitt, A., . . . Frazer, K. A. (2019, March 5). Subtle changes in chromatin loop contact propensity are associated with differential gene regulation and expression. Nature Communications, 10(1054), 1-17. doi:https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-08940-51

  • Used to clean up barcoded PCR reactions during Library preparation

Don't Lose Critical Data

When so much more has been invested in your research, AMPure XP is the only choice for purification and clean-up steps. Loss of yield during this critical step leads to loss of discovery in your research.

Relative costs of the different steps required to perform various NGS applications. Steps include Extraction, Library Construction, Library Enrichment, Clean-up, and Sequencing. Costs were calculated based on average list price of commercially available kits and reagents in 2017. Clean-up efficiencies were calculated by determining the total DNA yield by Picogreen Assay after performing a clean-up procedure on a known amount of DNA. The percent yield relative to AMPure XP performance was then used to calculate the impact of efficiency on various commercially available library construction methods and a change in purification reagent.

AMPure XP - Keep Critical Data For Downstream Applications

AMPure XP is the Gold Standard for Bead Based, Next-Generation Sequencing (or NGS) Cleanup

Over 200 library prep kits suggest using AMPure XP, including kits from trusted sequencing companies:

  • Illumina®
  • Nanopore
  • PacBio
  • Thermo Scientific

Over 15,000 publications used AMPure XP, referenced in articles in Science, Nature, and PNAS.

Nucleic acid purification and cleanup are mandatory for genomic applications, such as sequencing, qPCR/ddPCR/PCR, and microarrays. Maximizing recovery, consistency, and speed, AMPure XP meets the stringent needs of today’s genomic applications and minimizes the risk of losing important genetic information.

  • High recovery of amplicons greater than 100bp
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers, salts and other contaminants
  • Predictable and consistent size selection

“Our findings suggest AMPure XP would be the best choice for analyses requiring very high analytical stringency.” Mikheikin, A., Olsen, A., Picco, L. et al. High-speed atomic force microscopy revealing contamination in DNA purification systems. Anal. Chem. 88:5, 2527-2523 (2016) doi: 10.1021/acs.analchem.5b04023.1

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